Danny's Menu Favorites:

For breakfast Daniel always has one waffle with peanut butter with a half of banana on the side and a little bowl of dry cereal.

For lunch Daniel has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk and pretzels on the side.

At 2 o'clock Daniel can have a choice of any snack that he wants!

For Dinner Daniel usually has something like grilled cheese or a turkey sandwich.

 Danny's Entertainment Favorites:

Recently Daniel has learned to work the computer. On the computer Daniel loves to watch videos. when Daniel watches videos he rewinds the video over and over again so that he could learn the words to the video.

Ever since Daniel was a baby he has loved to watch DVD and VHS tapes. Daniel's favorite videos are the Mary Kate and Ashley series.

Daniel also loves to listen to music on his boom box. Daniel's favorite music is music by Green Day ,Hootie and the Blow Fish & The Beach Boys.

In this picture Danny is on the computer with his headphones on. In this picture Danny is 24 years old.

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